Drill a new well or upgrade an existing well to guard against contamination
Our licensed technicians ensure reliable water flow where and when you need it
Good, clean, healthy water to your rural home, business or agri-food operation
Reduce your home or business energy costs while protecting the environment
Are you frustrated with the poor quality of your well water? Do you have water that smells like rotten eggs? Is it staining your household fixtures, dishes and laundry?
  • Mackinnon Water Solutions has water treatment systems that can help reduce hard water stains, bad tasting or smelling water and other side effects of problem water.
  • We provide water treatment systems that are convenient, affordable and environmentally sound.
  • Whether you need mechanical filtration, UV protection, reverse osmosis nano-filtration, water softening, or the removal of specific chemicals or dissolved solids, we have the right solution for your home or business.
  • MacKinnon Water Solutions installs, repairs, maintains and services a wide range of water treatment systems, including water softeners, conditioners and accessories, including:
    Solution Series Water Conditioner
    Advance Series Ultraviolet Rack Systems
    Advance Series Water Softener
    Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems
    Advance Series Backwash Filters
  • For optimum care of your water treatment system, we offer service packages featuring scheduled preventative maintenance visits to keep your equipment running at full capacity year-round.

Solution Series Water Conditioner

Solution Series water treatment systems by Greenway Water Technologies combine patented self-chlorinating technology with advanced electronics to perform like four units in one: softening, removing iron and manganese, and raising low pH levels. This self-sanitizing system also controls odors caused by nuisance bacteria and minor sulfur conditions.

Advance Series Ultraviolet Rack Systems

Greenway UV systems are designed with compact, high-grade stainless steel chambers that house efficient, colour-coded UV lamps. UV water disinfection is a natural process which does not add any chemicals into your water, nor alter the water chemistry. Ultraviolet light energy inactivates harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses (i.e. Ecoli) by disrupting the DNA, effectively preventing them from multiplying and causing illness.

LE Series Water Softener

The LE Series water softener is designed to provide high flow rates over a wide range of applications. State-of-the-art technology helps reduce film build-up on your fixtures and wall tiles, hard-water spotting on glassware and dishes, and scale build-up on water lines, dishwashers, boilers and hot water tanks. Use up to 50% less detergent and soap, lower your energy and operational costs, reduce your use of cleaning agents and chemicals, and protect your septic system from chemical waste.

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems

Reverse Osmosis (RO) offers a convenient, affordable, environmentally sound alternative to bottled water. While today’s tap water can contain a broad range of impurities and contaminants, this system tackles the broadest spectrum of water impurities possible. RO filtration reduces impurities from bacteria, viruses, pesticides and odour while dissolving metals like lead, arsenic and iron.

LE Series Backwash Filters

Backwash filters are an environmentally friendly way of removing iron, hydrogen sulphide and odors from your water supply. The LE Series requires minimal operating costs, in most cases requiring only water to regenerate. And since no chemicals are discharged to your septic system, the process leaves a small footprint.


MacKinnon Water Solutions has a long-standing reputation for providing top quality products and services. We guarantee our labour for one year on new installations. All parts are covered by manufacturer’s warranty for one to five years depending on product. Should you have an issue with any of our installations or service work, please contact us directly.


Financeit is a market-leading payments solution that allows you to apply for affordable monthly payment plans for your big projects or purchases. Whether you need emergency repairs to your water system, or you’re making plans to install geothermal or drill a new well, Financeit’s fast and easy application process, competitive rates and flexible plan options help you get the water you need.


With regular maintenance and repair, you’ll always be able to count on a ready supply of quality well water. And your investment will last longer! MacKinnon Water Solutions offers three cost-effective service packages.


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